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In our After School Class, we have a student book and workbook that we use regularly. But we always add various activities to make learning more fun.

One activity we do everyday is reading out loud. We stand up, straighten our backs and read in a group or take turns. Reading aloud is a wonderful tool to help you learn to read smoothly and build fluency skills and confidence.

We also play many games such as card games, guessing games and matching games. Games are an enjoyable way to enhance the children’s motivation.

Children also use their journals to be creative. It helps them express what they want to say through writing and drawing.

Our main goal is to learn English and to become better speakers, readers and writers, which is achieved through various interesting approaches in our After School class!


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Summer School 2018 August 18th- Final!

Today was the las day of the Summer School at Global Village.
It has been a wonderful week and we hope that every child will have made some good memories and perhaps some new friends also.
The children had a week of play, exploration, and creativity.
This year, we have worked hard to develop a freer format that allowed the teachers and children to focus on the activities that were the most engaging.


The older children became very involved in building their mazes and battleships. Today, they were adding the final touches and playing with their new games.
The younger classes have a lot to bring home today. Over the course of the week they had made a snakes and ladders board, a fruit and vegetables garden, a fishing game, marbled paper, and water gun art.


We found found that it was the simplest activities that were the most engaging. Seeing how many drops of water could be placed on a ten yen coin, floating 1 yen coins using a paperclip, colour bingo, or play dough. The children used today to go back and repeat what the liked from the week.


The younger children wanted to use the parachute for fun and games again today. Some of the older children tried out traditional playground games that have been played in schools from around the world.


Each child received a certificate of achievement having completed the Global Village Summer School 2018 before saying goodbye to their teachers.
On behalf of the school and all our staff, we would like to thank you for doing us and we hope that you will join our school community for other events or programmes. Next week is our Summer Festival. We would be very happy to see you and invite you to try a wide variety of games, food and other booths.


Written by Owen and Jonathan

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Summer School 2018 August 17th

Today the children put the finishing touches on their labyrinths. They had a lot of fun designing the labyrinths over the week and were really excited to get the holes drilled into them and begin trying them out!


The upper elementary classes learned about how water can be transferred from one place to another. They used cups, tubing, gutters, and straws to try mixing different colored water from one place to another.
The younger classes learned a lot about how objects sink or float and also got a chance to make their own tin foil boats to see if they could make objects float on the water.
A simple activity where the children showed lots of focus was floating 1 yen coins on the surf of the water.


The children finished off their origami gardens today, adding the final decorations to the garden itself and also making a few final fruits and vegetables to add in to it.


The younger classes also completed their name initial projects today, removing the tape from their letter. They came out really well and the children were excited to see the final results.


We also learned about marbling today. The children used shaving foam mixed with different food colors to create a unique splash of color before pressing a paper into it to create a marbled work of art. They were really impressed with how it turned out.


It has been a really exciting and fun week full of laughter and learning. We are sad that tomorrow will be our last day together, but we are looking forward to one more day of fun!


Written by Owen and Jonathan  

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Summer School 2018 August 16th

It was day 4 of Summer School. We have enjoyed a lot of game and activities today, while continuing with out longer-term projects.


Our younger classes continued to make origami and paper fruit and vegetables. While some continue to work on their garden, in Takatsuki we made a basket for our vegetables, instead of the garden as we found the it provided a good level of challenge for the younger children. It has been amazing to see the children's creativity and to allow them to explore which fruits and vegetables they like the most and why.


We also continued to work on some of our language targets for the week through mediums such as play-doh and clothespins. We also began to explore the concept of floating and sinking with a simple game to prepare us for all the fun water games we will have tomorrow!


The upper levels practiced making mazes by using strips of paper. Large ice-lolly sticks were used to help us keep the path wide enough for a marble to run through.
After, we started to draw our mazes onto our wooden boards. It was tricky, so we also tried following examples from out teachers. The mazes are coming along nicely and we can't wait for you to see them when they are complete!


Written by Owen and Jonathan


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Summer School 2018 August 15th

Today the older children had a lot of fun with rubber bands! We made letters, words, and even secret messages using peg boards and rubber bands. Then we made towers of paper cups and tried to see how many of the cups we could shoot off with a rubber band. The rubber band rockets were firm favourite, but we also focused on using them safely. Our younger classes added number stickers to their snakes and ladders board. Not everyone made it from 1 to 100, but we can continue with this tomorrow.


We also put the finishing touches on our Battleships and began cutting the pieces for our labyrinth mazes as well.
The day became musical as we used more elastic bands to make kazoos.


Our younger classes had a great time in the gym today working with a large parachute. We played some games where we had to toss a ball into the air and try to catch it again with the parachute, and we also practiced making different patterns using waving motions. We also enjoyed water and pool play. We played a wet version of the chasing game, Duck, Duck, Goose. A child would pour water over a someone, who would then chase them around the circle.

小さな子ども達はジムで大きなカラーバルーンを使い、とても楽しく身体を動かしました。皆で協力し、ボールを跳ねさせたりキャッチしたり、そしていろいろなウェーブをつくる練習をしました。また今日は待ちに待ったプール遊びの日です!ハンカチ落としの海外版、「Duck, Duck, Goose」を、水を使ったバージョンで行いました。頭から水を掛けられた子が、鬼を追いかけています!

The children also began working on our origami gardens, making their favourite fruits and vegetables to add to it. They also began constructing the garden their vegetables as well. Some of the younger children preferred to colour and cut out fruit instead of using origami. They had a lot of fun figuring out what pieces went where and then thinking of new items to add to the garden tomorrow!


Written by Owen & Jonathan

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