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This month's Thursday afterschool class we have been using the Why Is It So? textbook Why Do Swings Swing? The subject is all about force's that effect the Earth and our everyday lives. We have learnt new target vocabulary such as gravity, lift, push, pull, air resistance, force, friction. Putting this vocabulary in to discussion is the aim of the course (as well as learning something new about our world), so we could ask questions such as "Is the force of gravity stronger on the Earth or the Moon?" and make statements like "A parachute works because air resistance slows it down".
木曜日のクラスでは、“Why Is It So?” というテキストブックを使っています。10月は「Why Do Swings Swing?」の主題で、地球と私たちに様々な影響を及ぼす「力」について取り上げ、「引力」「揚力」「圧力」「影響」「空気抵抗」「風力」「抵抗」などの関連する単語を学びました。これらの単語をディスカッションに取り入れ、「地球と月、引力が強いのはどっち?」「パラシュートの落下には空気抵抗の大きさが影響する」などの質問や文章を作れるようになることを目標としています。

At the beginning of the month we read and talked about 'friction'. We did an experiment to see how friction works by testing how far a toy car would travel down a ramp and on to both a smooth surface and then a rough surface. As always we talk first about what we are doing and what we expect will be the outcome then afterwards we think about what happened and why.

There is always reading time in the class when we also discuss with each other the textbook contents and then make notes on important subjects in our journals.

We also conducted an experiment to learn about the important force on Earth of motion. We talked about the famous British scientist Sir Isaac Newton and showed with a balloon rocket attached to a straw on a yarn that air released form the balloon will fire the balloon rocket in the opposite direction. This was a fun activity and a great opportunity to use our target language and talk about what we expect to happen.

Writing up the results of our activities is very important to help with sentence and grammar structure and also with spelling. Writing also helps us to think about the subject that we have been talking about and how we use our English.

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Jr. @ 千里丘校

Summer Festival Junior class goods

The children were all so surprised to see we recieved a large parcel addressed to
the Junior class with lots of things inside .

We all sat very still to see what was in the box and started to get very excited to see we had so many new toys.

We counted all of our toys and then decided on something we would like to play with everyone choose the pink play dough.
造り終わった後は“I made it”とお友達同士で見せ合い、みんな誇らしげでした。

We love our new pink play dough look we can make so many things .Thank you .

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Kinder A @ 千里丘校

Plant Canola seed with KA

We began our Canola planting project today by first explaining to the students about the canola plant and the different stages of growth. Also, we talked about how canola oil can be used in the world.

We went outside to plant the seeds. The students made holes and dropped in their seeds.

They covered the seeds with soil so that they can begin to grow nicely. Well done!

Mitsuyo & Kristian

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Kinder B @ 千里丘校

Sweet potato cooking


The KB class made a sweet potato treat.

First we mashed the potatos.

We took turns and worked together.

Then we added apple juice to make it sweet. We mixed some more.

We used spoons to scoop it into cups.

It was a yummy sticky mixture.

We made enough for each student in each class.

Finally we took it to the other classes and explained what we did. Of course we ate it after lunch. Everyone agreed that it was delicious. Thanks, Yukiko!
蒸かしたお芋をすりこぎやおたまでつぶし、そこにりんごジュースを入れてクリーム状になるまで混ぜると、スイートポテトの完成です。すぐに食べたい気持ちを我慢して、皆が食べられるようにカップに入れ、Jr, Pre K、そしてお芋を掘ってくれたNurseryとKAに振舞いました。

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Rabbits @ 高槻茨木校

最近Shapes(形)についての話をよくするラビットクラスでは、Shapesを使って、ハロウィンのかわいい「ジャック・オー・ランタン(Jack-o'- Lantern)」をつくりました。

It’s just a boring pumpkin shape.

But…we gave the kids some black triangles and a black rectangle.

And a little bit of glue.

They put their imaginations to work.

Look at the Halloween pumpkin patch we made!

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