Rabbits @ 高槻茨木校

最近Shapes(形)についての話をよくするラビットクラスでは、Shapesを使って、ハロウィンのかわいい「ジャック・オー・ランタン(Jack-o'- Lantern)」をつくりました。

It’s just a boring pumpkin shape.

But…we gave the kids some black triangles and a black rectangle.

And a little bit of glue.

They put their imaginations to work.

Look at the Halloween pumpkin patch we made!

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Panda @ 高槻茨木校

Hello everyone! August was a great month for Pandas class. The highlight was the Summer Festival and the students were very excited about it. They made lots of posters and decorations and it was great to see everyone's family attend. We also finished our pool time and everyone enjoyed their time playing in the water. This was our last month as Pre-K students and the class really worked hard on everything, including their reading and writing, to move on to KA. Thank you for all your support!

The Pandas enjoy their lunch.

The students enjoy playing in the pool.

The Pandas read books in the library.

The Pandas made posters for Summer Festival.

David and Junko  

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Lions @ 高槻茨木校

In our KB class we have started our feelings program. It has been amazing so far, as the students are responding really well to our exercises and activities! In this exercise the children look at a picture; choose something on the picture and try to empathise with the person. Here we are having a great discussion going around the circle and asking for each student their opinion and thoughts on the picture.
現在、KB Lionsクラスでは「フィーリング・プログラム」という新しい取り組みにチャレンジしています。

Then the students were asked to write about what they’ve chosen in the picture.They had to write which feeling it represented the most i.e happy, sad, angry or excited. "Which colour: yellow, blue, pink and green, represents the picture the most?"

Once the students completed the exercise, we placed it on the board and had the children look a
t each picture and the different responses that they gave. They discussed how colourful it was and really enjoyed sharing their thoughts.

Here is an example of a child’s response to the exercise.

Tanya, Brent and Junko  

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Leopards @ 高槻茨木校

The Summer Festival was a big event in the school so it was great that the children could get really involved in not just the day but also in the preparation. They painted the banners for each game and also made posters for putting up around the school.

In Brain Building we have been learning how to play chess and they have picked up the basic rules and understanding very quickly and are enjoying playing alot.

Whilst studying space we made a Space Shuttle for the classroom display (I hope everyone saw it at the Summer Festival), the children here are painting the final touches to the underside.

We had pool play in August but we also used the pool to study science, in this case with transportation and using different designs of pet bottle boats to understand the Laws of Motion and how things move.

Discovering space was a fun and engaging topic for the children. Here we are showing off our astronaut helmets as we go downstairs to the gym where we joined KB Lions to walk around the planets display that we had worked together to build.

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Dolphins @ 高槻茨木校

The Bubble Factory

We started our own bubble factory with the Panda class this summer and it was a lot of fun!

​In this photo the Dolphins and Pandas are listening closely as David and I tell them how we are going to make the super special bubble mix.

​We started off by listing all the ingredients and the amounts we are going to mix in. First it was a cup of dish soap, a cup and a half of PVA or starch, 4 cups of water, and one small cup of syrup.​

David is showing the students how to mix in the ingredients for the super special bubble mix.​

​Now that we made the bubble mix we needed to make bubble wands! We used pipe cleaners to make the bubble wands. The students made them all different shapes and sizes to see if would change the shape or size of the bubbles.​

​Here we are out in the playground testing out our new bubble wands. We also had some special bubble wands that made tons of bubbles at the same time. We had so much fun!​

​We even used bubbles to make bubble art. We mixed in some food coloring into some of the bubble mix and the students blew bubbles onto a sheet a paper. The designs look so cool!

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