Summer School Takatsuki vol.4

We continued to use our English and review vocabulary, such as colours, in circle time. We used games and other activities to help retain and use the language. Here our younger learners are colouring their own copy of the 5 rings

As well as lessons, we encourage some free-play and time outside. Today we also had a story about hare at the animal games.

We were so happy to have parents join us at a mini-event to celebrate this final day of our summer school. We made teams for a series of competitions, such as throwing newspaper javelins.

Our older classes and parents participated in a rather unusual relay race. We used cardboard to shuffle around the track at various speeds.

We were so happy to have the children with us throughout the week and we hope that they had a good mixture of exploration, experimentation and fun in English. Each child received a certificate to mark their achievement, as well as a gold medal for being wonderful in our eyes. Thank you to parents, teachers and children for being a part of the Global Village Summer School 2016.

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Summer School Yamada 2016-Vol. 5

Today was our last day of summer school, and while we are very sad to say goodbye to our new friends, we had a really fun time today!

We started off by working on our jumping skills! The children wrote their name in English on a piece of paper and then tried to see how high up on the wall they could stick it. The highest one was the winner!

Then we had a discus throwing competition to try and get as many points as possible.

Then we gave each child a piece of newspaper to roll into a tight spiral.

The children taped up their pole when they were finished and it turned into a javelin!

Then the teacher explained to us that we had two chances to throw the javelin through the hoop to stay in the game. The children really tried their best to get the javelin through the hoop.
先生の説明を聞いてみんなも挑戦です。チャンスは二回。槍をフープに通すことが出来たらゲームを続けることが出来ます。最後まで生き残れるのは誰かな? お手製の槍をフープに通そうと、真剣な表情です。

They had to practice their aim and their throwing skill and they did a great job!

Getting the javelin into the hoop was hard but the children did their best and we are really proud of all of them.

At the end each child received a certificate for their participation and a medal for all their efforts!

Written by Jonathan, Manami & Kinuko

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Summer School Yamada 2016-Vol. 4

We have had a lot of fun this year learning about the Olympics and getting a chance to use English this week at Global Village.

On day 5 we talked about motion and how animation works by looking at various kinds of moving images.

The children made their own phenakistoscope to take home and try, but we also learned about what a zoetrope is and how motion works in smaller pieces.

We've also assigned each class a country to support through the Olympics and kept track of the medals that country received.

The children have gotten really into following their country's progress and like cheering them on!

Each day the children got to put stickers on their country's board for each medal they've earned the previous day.

Then we made a ring toss game to go along with the Olympic rings!

The children had a lot of fun working with the paint today and there was a lot of laughter in the air! We are so sorry about the mess, but it was a great time for the kids!


Written by Jonathan, Manami & Kinuko

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Summer School Takatsuki vol.3

Wednesday is day three of our Summer School and our first day of pool play. There was a lot of splashing and smiles. Those children who didn't go into the pool got to play nearby with variety of games and activities.

In craft, the children made their own golf clubs and putting holes. First, we used masking tape to make a pattern.

We then painted our paper tubes and left them to dry. When we removed the tape, we had a lovely contrast between the painted and empty areas. We then added more decoration before having our first round of golf.

We competed in the high-jump today, by trying to place a sticky note as high up a wall as we can. Naturally, our taller children had an advantage, but everyone participated well and were very sporting.

In circle time we focused on actions and other verbs that were inspired by sporting events.

Here are our preschoolers going around a circuit during gym with Steven and Nahoko. They have been taking part so well throughout the summer school so far, even though for some the environment, language and teachers are new to them.

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Summer School Yamada 2016-Vol. 3

Today for craft class the children made their own race track and a racer to go with it.

They colored the track, colored their racer, and then we laminated the track and put a paperclip on the racer to complete the first part. Lastly they just needed a magnet to make their racer go!

For science we learned about balance and how gymnasts can maintain their balance in hard poses. The children used rulers and coins to try and keep things in balance!

They also made their own balancing man out of paper with paperclips attached. The balancing man can balance almost anywhere!

Lastly, we also had pool play for the first time today! We let the kids relax in the pools and have a good time splashing their friends.

Witten by Jonathan & Manami

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