Jr. @ 千里丘校

Summer Festival Junior class goods

The children were all so surprised to see we recieved a large parcel addressed to
the Junior class with lots of things inside .

We all sat very still to see what was in the box and started to get very excited to see we had so many new toys.

We counted all of our toys and then decided on something we would like to play with everyone choose the pink play dough.
造り終わった後は“I made it”とお友達同士で見せ合い、みんな誇らしげでした。

We love our new pink play dough look we can make so many things .Thank you .

Posted by Rom & Akiko

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Kinder A @ 千里丘校

Plant Canola seed with KA

We began our Canola planting project today by first explaining to the students about the canola plant and the different stages of growth. Also, we talked about how canola oil can be used in the world.

We went outside to plant the seeds. The students made holes and dropped in their seeds.

They covered the seeds with soil so that they can begin to grow nicely. Well done!

Mitsuyo & Kristian

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Kinder B @ 千里丘校

Sweet potato cooking


The KB class made a sweet potato treat.

First we mashed the potatos.

We took turns and worked together.

Then we added apple juice to make it sweet. We mixed some more.

We used spoons to scoop it into cups.

It was a yummy sticky mixture.

We made enough for each student in each class.

Finally we took it to the other classes and explained what we did. Of course we ate it after lunch. Everyone agreed that it was delicious. Thanks, Yukiko!
蒸かしたお芋をすりこぎやおたまでつぶし、そこにりんごジュースを入れてクリーム状になるまで混ぜると、スイートポテトの完成です。すぐに食べたい気持ちを我慢して、皆が食べられるようにカップに入れ、Jr, Pre K、そしてお芋を掘ってくれたNurseryとKAに振舞いました。

Written by Megu, Sean & Shota  

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さつまいも掘り @ 千里丘校

Today the children from Nursery and KA had the exprience of digging up our sweet potatoes. Finding the potatoes was a bit like a treasure hunt because they were hidden under the dirt. We also experienced recycling with the vines. We used them to make wreathes, which the children wore as crowns.








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Moon Viewing Cooking @ 千里丘校

This month in Japan, we celebrate a festival which helps farmers have a good harvest. It is called 'Moon viewing' and is recognised throughout Asian culture. We always like to expose our children to different countries and their cultures but it is also important to reflect on Japanese customs.

People observe the festival in a number of ways, the most tasty being to make dumplings.
They all listened attentively to why we have Moon viewing but the teachers could tell that they wanted to get their hands messy and start rolling some dumplings.

After washing our hands carefully and putting smocks on, the classes were shown in a variety of ways how to roll the correct shape for the dumpling. This was great for the younger children to practice their fine motor skills and also for the older students to demonstrate their acquired skills.

It was interesting and funny to see the various sizes and shapes being made. Some children forgot the correct hand motion to make the dumpling and ended up making a sausage! However with further assistance all the classes ended up with a tray of dumplings ready to be cooked.

The dumplings came back to the classes at lunchtime and were added to the lunch boxes as a desert. For some reason the eating of lunch seemed to be quicker that day! After adding the soy based covering their was a resounding cry of 'delicious' and a clammer for seconds and thirds.

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