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Summer School 2018 August 18th- Final!

Today was the las day of the Summer School at Global Village.
It has been a wonderful week and we hope that every child will have made some good memories and perhaps some new friends also.
The children had a week of play, exploration, and creativity.
This year, we have worked hard to develop a freer format that allowed the teachers and children to focus on the activities that were the most engaging.


Summer School 2018 August 18th- Final!

Summer School 2018 August 18th- Final!

The older children became very involved in building their mazes and battleships. Today, they were adding the final touches and playing with their new games.
The younger classes have a lot to bring home today. Over the course of the week they had made a snakes and ladders board, a fruit and vegetables garden, a fishing game, marbled paper, and water gun art.


Summer School 2018 August 18th- Final!

We found found that it was the simplest activities that were the most engaging. Seeing how many drops of water could be placed on a ten yen coin, floating 1 yen coins using a paperclip, colour bingo, or play dough. The children used today to go back and repeat what the liked from the week.


Summer School 2018 August 18th- Final!

The younger children wanted to use the parachute for fun and games again today. Some of the older children tried out traditional playground games that have been played in schools from around the world.


Summer School 2018 August 18th- Final!

Each child received a certificate of achievement having completed the Global Village Summer School 2018 before saying goodbye to their teachers.
On behalf of the school and all our staff, we would like to thank you for doing us and we hope that you will join our school community for other events or programmes. Next week is our Summer Festival. We would be very happy to see you and invite you to try a wide variety of games, food and other booths.


Written by Owen and Jonathan

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