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Pink class -Senri Yamada School-

Pink class -Senri Yamada School-
Study time. The children are busy writing words in their journals. These words are either from the Cambridge textbook or a list from the Spelling City program. The children will take some of these words and try to write them in a sentence. This is a fun activity and helps the children to be creative and unafraid of making mistakes.
Pink class -Senri Yamada School-
Game time. The children are enjoying playing a game using the words from earlier in the lesson. In this game, children must work together to unscramble sentences on the board.
Pink class -Senri Yamada School-
Technology time. The children enjoy using the Spelling City program on the iPads. At times they work alone and other times in small groups. Either way they are encouraged to help out their classmates if they are having any difficulty. They may find some of the words they used in the lesson and now be able to read them with confidence. As a bonus, the games are a lot of fun for everyone!


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