Santa Visit 千里丘校

今日は、Santaさんのsurprise visit でした!
Santa さんを見て子どもたちは大喜び!!
Thank you Santa Claus!

Today bring a special day with the arrival of Santa Claus the whole school was a buzz with excitement on seeing him.

Santa talking to each student asking if they have been good all year long.

After receiving their presents the KinderB class were so curious about what was in their yellow bag.

Saint Nicolas receiving all the special letters that Kinder B had written to him and saying a Big good bye to him.

In this small ornament, we’ve put our wishes for you all. On our tree, we hung them with care.

Merry Christmas to you all and have a Happy New Year!


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Pre-K Jr. 千里丘校

An imagination center( or a dress up corner) is a good way for children to develop many skills. Not only do they learn to dress themselves, they learn to role play and express themselves in order to develop their social skills.

It doesn’t need a lot but, in Junior Class, we needed a center renovation. We got new boxes, costumes, clothing, hats and tools to allow us to role play and pretend to our heart’s content.

We are checking ourselves out in our mirror, making all sorts of fashion choices and role choices.

We are even making up different play situations like making our teacher become a patient at the hospital. “I’m a doctor.”

We will really enjoy our new center! THANK YOU!!

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Pre K 千里丘校

After learning about the different food groups the class was given their own pictures of the food pyramid and had to work out where to put the pictures that they had cut out from food pamphlets. The idea behind this craft was to learn about the groups of food and also to have the class use the target language and ask each other questions about the foods that they like.
前回のブログ「The Food Pyramid」の続きで、今回はPre K Food Pyramidを製作しました。自分達で切った広告の紙を分類わけ。野菜、果物、油もの、主食、お肉、魚の6つのコーナーに分けました。

When we finished the pyramid we placed it on the wall so the class can use it each day at lunch time to work out what food groups are in their lunch.And how own lunches change each day.
見本のFood Pyramidを参考にしながら、Pre KのFood Pyramidを完成させました。ランチタイムには壁に貼ってあるピラミッドを見ながら、食べ物への興味を高めている様で "It's yummy!" と嬉しそうに食べる姿がよく見られています。

This craft was a hard one for the the class is consisted of using tissue paper and glue at the same time which at the start most of the students had trouble with but after a little trail and error the over come the task before them.It took along time to finish the craft but the at the end they all said they enjoyed using their hands this way.

The craft was to decorate one for the house for the Christmas show after finishing the house they were determined to use it for a rehearsal so the could see what it looked like standing behind it.
出来上がったカラフルなお花はみんなが毎日頑張って練習しているX'mas Showの劇の背景に使われる予定です。大好きなお家の人にみてもらうのをとても楽しみにしています。

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Saturday School 千里山田校









Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Dolphins 高槻茨木校

KA Dolphins Christmas Stockings!

To get into the Christmas spirit, KA decided to make Christmas stockings! We first talked about what stockings are used for on Christmas, and then looked at pictures of stockings.After that, we drew an outline on two sheets of red paper, and then cut them.

Secondly, we put holes around the edges, so that we can weave them together with strings.

This was the fun part! Because students are new to the concept of weaving and tying, they all made it special in their own way, and it was good practice for their coordination skills.

There were so many different patters and ways to weave!

After finished weaving, children decorated and colored their stockings with colored pencils. Some chose a Christmas theme, while others drew pictures of things they love.

A stocking is not complete without some cotton on the top! So students first took their glue and put it on the top edge, or....

They put it all over the stocking!!Children had fun with this craft as they were allowed to make it any way they felt. And they all look wonderful!
Merry Christmas from KA Dolphins!  

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