Bears @ 千里山田校

In the autumn, the bears will be learning a little more about symmetry.  
This is something we can learn in both mathematics and art.  
In the theme of bugs, the children made dragonflies to experiment with symmetry for the first time.

First off the children learned about symmetry through our own bodies.
We have an arm on each side of us, a leg, an eye, an eye, an eyelid etc.
To look at symmetry on a bug and create it from nothing was a challenge.

First the children had to create the wings.
Tracing from a template was a little difficult and the teacher heard : " I made a mistake!" but in this experiment with symmetry the children learned about making mistakes and how they can make their artistic creations better just by repeating the same mistake on the other side.

Sometimes mistakes can make some beautiful things.

After the tracing was time for colour expression.
Keeping the symmetry of the wings the children chose their own designs and colours.
Not one dragonfly was the same, just like their creators

This one almost looks like a monarch butterfly.

Afterwards, the children put their names on their work and were eager to display them up on the window.
Now the Bears have their own stained glass windows to brighten up the space.

It looks beautiful flying in the blue sky! If I put my finger in the air, will it land and say hello?

Written by Kristy, Julian & Yumi  

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Tigers @ 千里山田校

Throughout the month of September we were learning about insects.
In Tigers class we spent a whole week learning about spiders.

As a science project we showed the children a video on how spiders make their webs and then put them into groups to let them try and make their own webs.

The challenge was to work as a team to accomplish the goal.
They had to use three chairs and yard to construct their web.
Then the teacher dropped a grasshopper toy into their web and they had to see if their spider got to eat dinner!
They really enjoyed it.

We have also been incorporating many different learning elements into our circle time.
The game we played recently focused on the children trying to find a hidden coin under a flash card.

The activity combined sentence building with a vocabulary focus, in this instance it was use of plurals, as well as a brain building exercise in deduction.
The children put their heads down as the teacher picked a card to hide the coin under.

The last step was to guess where the coin was by using the full sentence, “Is the coin under the ~” and each final word was a plural they have been studying.
It was a fun game for the children and a combination of many different learning elements.

Written by Jonathan, Alyssa & Yumi  

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Ducks @ 千里山田校

The kids have already begun to mix their colors and they seem to be really enjoying themselves!

These guys have really similar taste in colors don't they? Red and yellow make for an intriguing orange color.

Have you seen a purple so deep? These guys have never mixed red and blue before. You should have seen their little faces light up as they saw the purple form right before their eyes.

The three primary paints are all set to go! Are we ready? I hope that the kids never forget this first paint mixing experience!

In this pic, we are playing an intense game of slap that is getting everyone involved! They are having so much fun trying to be the first one to slap the card.

This was a great shot. The kids spontaneously lined up like this! Rika and I were floored when we saw them all line up and drink their tea. We just had to capture this one on camera!

Posted by Evan & Rika  

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Koalas @ 千里山田校

The class is pre pairing their monster masks before they roamed the hallways.

The monsters are ready to go hunting for people to be to scary in the school.

The finished craft after our trip across the road to look for bugs and insects.

The great bug hunt well the boys enjoyed looking for insects the girls were a little screaming a little when it came to touching them.

On the the 3rd of October the made dumplings with great care because they knew that they would be eating at lunch time.

Written by Ian & Yukie  

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Turtles @ 千里山田校

Funny bug craft

We learned about bugs; spiders, butteflies, ladybugs, and so on.
Are you scared? or Do you like bugs?
Are you ready to make bugs??
First, we made a spider.
This spider has colorful spots and legs with pretty shoes.

Stamp, stamp, stamp spots! It is fun!

Next, we coloured some ladybugs and leaves. Good!
It turned pretty and colourful.
We get much better at colouring and using crayons now.
We practiced the first letter of our names.

We are good at colouring!

At last, we made glittery butterflies.
We glued and glued lots on a butterfly-shaped paper, using an ear stick.

Then sprinkled it with colourful powder.
It is so pretty!

Are you still scared of bugs?!
No! We like bugs!

Written by Vivian & Yoko  

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