Monkeys 高槻茨木校

Hand-made Caterpillar!!

For this project, we prepared several toilet paper tubes and a selection of paints for the children to use. Each child had 3 tubes to paint, and they took to the task with a lot of energy !

Some children painted their tubes a variety of colors, and some children chose a favorite color for all three of their tubes, but everyone painted their tubes very very thoroughly! Some children even painted the insides of their tubes!
3つのトイレットペーパーの芯をそれぞれ好きな色に塗っていきます。手に絵の具がついたってへっちゃら!We can wash our hands later!(後で手を洗えるから大丈夫!)とお互いに声をかけあいながら色を塗っていきます。みんな上手に塗れました。芯の中まで器用に塗っていた子ども達もいました。3つの芯すべてを塗り終わり、乾くまで置いておきます。カラフルになった芯が何になるのでしょうか??

The next step was a lot of fun! After the children discovered that their tubes had been cut and tied together in fun, wiggly caterpillars, they were able to decorate them with markers! Once they finished decorating, they chose a pair of googly eyes, and using very strong glue and a teachers help, they put them on their caterpillars!

We did it!
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Rabbits  高槻茨木校

Parachute Fun !!
One rainy day when we couldn't play outside, the Rabbits class had a wonderful time playing with the parachute in our classroom.

We went swimming on top of it, we hid under it, and played a guessing game, too !

For Grandparents Day we took photos of each child, then decorated frames to put them in. We used buttons of various sizes, and brightly colored feathers on the frames. Everyone did a good job, and we hope that all the Grandparents liked their presents !

Suzy and Shiori  

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菜の花プロジェクト in 千里丘校



KAクラスが “shovel, hoe, spade” など農具の名前を習っている間に、KBは新たな作業を始めていました。






“Good night, the seeds!” 今から春が待ち遠しい子ども達でした。

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Koalas Class 千里山田校

On Thursday September 27th, the Koalas class, went for a class outing to the park.

On our adventure we were looking for as many types of bugs we could find.

We found as well caught bugs such as spiders, butterflies, crickets, potato bugs, grasshoppers

caterpillars, and more.

The Koalas very much enjoyed not only searching for bugs, but catching them as well.

We also took the time to play as well as look for things of Autumn such as leaves,

acorns, pine cones, etc.

The Koalas had a wonderful time especially since the weather has been cooler than before.





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Zebras 高槻茨木校

Zebras Growing Beans - Our September Project!

Thank you KB Lions for giving us these beans! It was really fun to take the small beans out of their shells. We practiced our math skills by counting how many each of us had.

We had to soak the shelled beans overnight so they weren't dry anymore. Then we 'planted' them in ziplock bags.

Everyone looked after 5 beans each. We had to give the water and plenty of sunshine.

Wow, some of our beans sprouted SO nicely!

After they have sprouted, what should we do? Science is so much fun outside!

We all planted them in the ground together, we were very careful.

We will water them and we hope they grow strong and healthy!


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