Movers1 Senri Yamada School

At least once a week we do a spelling test in our journals. Everyone tries their best and checks their own work at the end. They do different activities to reinforce the words they struggle with for homework.

Sometimes we do scavenger hunt type of activities, looking for different words or objects hidder around the room. It gets everyone moving and also gets them interested in the words we find.

Once a week we go to the computer room and do activities on the computer for about 20 minutes. Everyone usually enjoys computer activities and we encourage them to do as much of it as they can at home. We rotate between the Oxford Discover website and Spelling City. Both are wondrful resources that help them reinforce the skills and knowlege they learn in class.

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Flyers2 Takatuki Ibaraki School

The Flyers 2 class has been progressing in their Oxford Discover 4 books at a good pace. Recently we have been learning about where our food comes from. We usually do our group reading together on the carpet which is followed by a discussion. The Flyers class was more reserved about their opinion toward the beginning of the school year. They have been getting better at expressing their thoughts on different topics.

Although the content of the Flyers 2 book work is quite difficult, they have been doing a wonderful job at helping each other out through discussion and taking turns in correcting each other’s homework. Thank you to all of the Flyers 2 students in being very diligent in doing the home that has been assigned to them each lesson.

They have demonstrated an interest in work on project together. Their projects have allowed the Flyers 2 class to learn about each topic in more depth. I am hoping to continue on at this pace together with the Flyers 2 class and keep them motivated to strive to improve their English skills!


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Summer School Takatsuki Blog (Final Event)

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Global Village Takatsuki-Ibaraki Summer School スタッフ一同   

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Summer School blog Yamada Aug 19th

Today we had a lot of fun on our last day with the children and we were really excited to have all the parents along with us to play some fun games!
The crawling spider game was really exciting and the children looked they they were having a lot of fun trying to run away from their parents!
It was a tiring game for the mommies and daddies who bravely played the game with us, but it was really exciting for the children and everyone had a great time.


We also sang a silly song about Pinocchio and it was really great to see all the moms and dads sing and dance along with us.
The children were really happy to be able to teach their moms and dads the words and motions to the song as well, so it was a good opportunity for everyone to interact.

Finally, all the children received their diplomas from Summer School. We are sad to see Summer School end and we hope to see you all again next year for another great week of fun!

Global Village
Summer School

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Summer School Blog (Day 4 Rainforest, Day 5: Desert)

Over the last two days, the children have delved into the rainforest and desert.

Our music teacher, Yui, has joined us for the last few days of our Summer School.
She has been introducing some fun songs for us to sing.
We managed to get another pool day between rainy days.
It was the perfect way to cool down after an active day.

As well as more energetic activities, the children have been learning about the people, plant and animals that live in these different habitats.
This helps us to introduce new English language and provides inspiration for our creative projects.

Our youngest Explorers class, made these wonderful snakes on our trip to the Australian outback.

The older classes made their own weather vanes.
It is easy to get lost in the desert, but prevailing winds might help us find the way home.
We went outside to test them, but it wasn’t windy enough.
Perhaps we should try using the compass instead.

Global Village Summer School
Owen North

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