Kinder A @ 千里丘校

This month the kids were given a task of saving themselves by building a boat. We asked them to imagine that their group were stuck on an island and they had to think about how to return to Osaka - build a boat. However, they were told that there were no shops on the island and all they could use to build their boat was wood (chopsticks), tape, rubber bands, and twist ties. Firstly, the students discussed and designed their boats in their groups. Then, they had to send people from their group to gather materials for the boat building process. As they gathered material they could begin to build their boats. We did this project twice. The first time was important for them to establish how to work in teams. The second time was important to get better results with the actual boat. The students struggled to share ideas in their groups but this was important as this year they will continue to develop their social skills. The boats were of interesting shape and design and most of them could not support the members of their group but this was so important as the development of their social skills. So, well done KA on a fantastic job of trying to gather and express your ideas in a group setting.

今月は、ボートづくりをしました。「もしも、自分達が島に取り残されたら、どうやって大阪まで帰る?」という話から、こども達は協同制作をしました。島には、お店が1件もありません。使える道具は、割り箸、テープ、輪ゴム、針金。まずこどもたちは、グループになってボートのデザインについて話し合いました。そして材料を集め、作業を始めました。これを計2回行い、1回目では、こども達がチームワークとコミュニケーション力を身に付けられるように心がけ、2回目では、こども達が実際に、立派なボートを完成させることに重点を置きました。こども達はグループで苦戦しながらも、意見を交換し、ボート作りを楽しみました。Good Job!

It was decided to build a boat together in the proposed "How can we make a boat?" of such Kristian.
However, you can make it talk in a group. The children are excited to co-production with friends of a good friend.
”How can we make a boat?" そんなKristian の提案でみんなでboatをつくることになりました。
ただし、グループで話し合ってつくること。 仲良しの友達との協同制作に子ども達はウキウキです。

Could you any boat, draw an image in the discussion group.  
Various opinions came out the size and shape also vary, who to like or put.
Also groups that struggle pencil also happen because I wanted to draw your thoughts ...
Girls ... you glare at each other in disagreement, children begin to show leadership suddenly or come out,
New aspect of the children did not appear until now appeared.

Next is the purchase of material blueprint if possible. Representatives can purchase the material from each group.

You bundled with a disposable chopsticks Hajikko of foundation so that it does not move. If there is a cooperation of my friends can be difficult in one
I will be fun.
土台の割り箸が動かないように端っこを持って束ねます。 1人では難しいことも友達の協力があれば

The collaboration of a group, there is also fun, but was also frustrated that does not become his own way,
figure which complement each other in a big smile and "Good job!" at the moment when I floated in the water boat was seen.
boatを水に浮かべた瞬間に”Good job!"と大きな笑顔で褒めあう姿が見られました。

Kristian and Mitsuyo  

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Nursery @ 千里丘校

As part of spring theme for the month of may and by poplar demand of our students, we decided to introduce one of the many insects we see during spring- the "butterfly". Watching the butterflies flutter their wings everyday during our outside play, we too decided to become butterflies and imagine what it is like to become one. So we all took turns wearing our butterfly wings and fluttered around our classroom flying high and low as well as fast and slow.

For craft time, we also had fun making butterfly wings with our foot prints. Our students were amazed how their footprints could become butterfly wings.
まず足の裏に絵の具を塗ります。足の裏に絵の具を塗った感触はくすぐったかったり、冷たいと感じたようで「It's ticklish! It's cold!」と笑いながら初めての体験を楽しんでいました。その絵の具のついた足を紙にペタっとスタンプすると、足跡がちょうちょのハネに大変身!!

By Gayle and Mayu  

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Jr. @ 千里丘校

Making Clothes

We all learnt about different clothes and had such a fun time
Trying on shirts ,dresses and pants

We then drew around two of our friends and learnt about
Body parts.

For the next part the children got to make their own clothes
By gluing material on to paper.

We all got to see what our friends made and used the sentence
I made a ….


Akiko and Rom  

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Leopards @ 高槻茨木校

This month has been very busy with practicing for the upcoming sports day at the end of the month as well as other projects including tomato planting. The children have taken it 'all in their stride' though and showed great enthusiasm!

This month we starting learning the song 'Here Comes the Sun' by The Beatles to herald in spring! We'll try and learn a new song every month.

This month was also Mother's Day and the children did a great job at making their special flower cards to take home.

Still with the theme of Spring in science we made a minitaure greenhouse using a clear egg carton and tissue paper (for soil). In our mini greenhouse we planted beans, eggplant and green pepper. Waiting now to see if they grow!

In Maths we have been doing a lot of 'patterns' both with shapes and numbers. One activity involved sorting numbered balls by counting/adding in 2's. The children had to place the numbered balls in the pattern 2,4,6,8,10 etc. up to 50.

We have continued to use our journals alot for every subject which of course helps us improve our writing.

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Pandas @ 高槻茨木校

Hello everyone! May was another exciting month for Pandas class! The students practiced hard for Sports Day and were really looking forward to the event day. We also learned about growing things and the students really enjoyed planting tomatoes. The students have been working and playing together well and we've had a very positive environment. Thank you for your support!
5月のパンダクラスは、毎日がエキサイティングな出来事の連続でした!子どもたちはスポーツデイに向けて一生けんめい練習を重ね、イベント当日を今から心待ちにしています。また、今月の月間テーマ「Growing Things」に合わせて、自分たちの手でトマトの苗を植えたことも楽しい経験となりました。明るく元気なムードでいっぱいの中、子どもたちはいつも仲良く色々なことを学んでいます。

Computer Lesson: Pandas have been getting better with operating the PCs by themselves.

Gym: Pandas have been very energetic and competitive preparing for Sports Day.

Tomato Planting: Pandas get their pots ready and listen to instructions.

Tomato Planting 2: Everyone did well following the steps and planting properly.

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