Yellow class - Takatsuki Ibaraki School-

Returning from our Summer break, the Yellow class has been doing well in the After School program. Here are a few activities we have been working on in the classroom.

We have been learning about the similarities and differences between the past and present. We have been comparing objects such as household appliances from long ago to the present day.

We practiced asking our classmates about how they would have traveled to different places long ago. "How would you travel to Tokyo? I would ride a horse!"

We learn how to spell new words every week. We practiced writing them in our journals to help us memorize them. "How do you spell...?"



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Summer School 2020 Final August 15th

Today was the last day of our summer school.
We hope that the children had a great time. It was lovely to see them greeting old friends and making new acquaintances.
Our week was filled with newspapers and other basic materials. Some of our activities were very simple, such as making bracelets with drops of water, but it is the shared experiences that make it fun.


A key aim this year was to introduce ideas that the children were then able to take over.
This led to some very personal designs and crafts.
Today we completed a number of projects, such as a calendar and paperclay sculptures.
The children will each be bringing home crafts and a board game that we hope you can enjoy as a family. We hope that you will come up with some new rules to add to these.


The children also had time to redo activities they enjoyed earlier in the last week.

We ended the day with a little ceremony to present each child with a certificate of achievement.
It was wonderful to work and play with the children this summer and, on behalf of Global Village, we would like to thank the children and their families for joining us. We hope to see you again next year!


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Summer School 2020 August 14th

Day 5 of the summer school!
Have you ever tried to keep a newspaper sheet up, without using your hands?
How many triangles can you make with 21 popsicle sticks?

Although we have a wealth of lessons and projects planned, we also prepare short activities that will raise energy, or allow for a quieter moment between games. The gym equipment has been useful for obstacle courses and a little relaxation. The children tried their hands at sudoku also. This was simplified by using colours instead of numbers.



Today all the children were decorating their peg boards. We then used our tiles and meeples (game tokens) to create a board game/calendar.
The result were varied, but there was a good level of concentration and some rather messy hands by the end of it.

We introduced two new board games designed especially for summer school. ’Twenty One’ is a race to collect 21 cubes of various colours. ‘Bridge Rescue’ is a race to build bridges to evacuate an island before a volcano erupts. Today, the children prepared their materials and played, using the basic rules. Tomorrow, it is their turn to build on this and create their own rules and expand on the game.

Water play has been a very popular part of the week and, sadly, today was our last day for this. It has kept us cool and been a big part of building the positive relationships between the children, and also the teachers.

The children really enjoyed water balloon piñata. There was no candy, but a rather refreshing reward when the swing was right.

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Summer School 2020 August 13th

As our younger children used matchbox cars and ramps in a game to review transportation and street vocabulary, our older children were sneaking up on a blind watchman to retrieve words they had learnt. These simple activities bring energy and fun to learning and reviewing the language.
Over the course of the week, we have seen children of all ages drawn to the Kapla blocks. These wooden pieces have been used to construct tall towers, bridges and marble runs, as well as helping us to learn about counterweights and balance.


We used popsicle sticks to create stars and squares. These were held together by each piece pressing on the others, so no glue or tape was required.
There were lots of shrieks and laughter during water play, so we are looking forward to another day of this tomorrow.
Today, the children decorated their peg boards and some also wanted to paint on the paper they made on Tuesday. Having already made marble runs with the pegboards, next we will be using them to make a vertical board games.


We already made paper, but today it was time to add inclusions. These were splashes of colour paper, glitter, feathers… anything that could merge nicely with the pulp. The children were very focused and worked well together to create very unique sheets. They will be dry and ready to take home on Saturday.

Having already explored strong structures and how materials can support each other, we set the challenge to build a paper bridge that could span at least 1 metre. Teams of children were given a budget of 1000 yen (we used a Montessori cube to represent this). Each material had a price and children took turns to visit our teachers to purchase these for their team. Change was given in hundred squares and ten bars. This restriction, meant that the children had to consider how to avoid waste and plan their design with care.

The resulting bridges were very mixed, but we learnt a lot in the process. We look forward to trying this again in the coming days. Perhaps we will make the distant longer and the bridges will have to support the weight of a toy car. It was great to see the children working so well together.

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Summer School 2020 August 12th

Wednesday meant a visit to the doctor for our older classes, while our younger class did the washing.
We made a game to review colours and clothing. The children span an arrow to choose an item of clothing and rolled a dice to select the colour.
The first team to place all their full set of clothes on the line, wins. Watch out for the wind and rain though!


Today was the first day of water play. While we may miss our pool time, with the hot weather, it was a lovely day to get soaked.
Even the teachers found it refreshing, though some were not planning on getting attacked with wet sponges.


The pegs we prepared on the first day of summer school were ready, so we started to create our own marble runs. We used the pegs and platforms to create the route and then strips of card-stock to make a smooth track. The children got quite creative with the challenge to make the marble take as long a time as possible to complete the run.


Our paper is still trying, so today we used newspaper to make homemade paper clay. We used a sock to strain out the water, and then mixed in starch, glue, salt, baking soda and vinegar. The result was a slightly sticky, but malleable clay. The children got to make whatever they wanted. Once the clay dries in a day or two, we hope to paint our sculptures.


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