Halloween Party - Yamada Saturday School

We had our annual Halloween event at the end of October and it was a really fun day for the teachers and students.

During the lesson times we played fun Halloween games, learned some new Halloween vocabulary and laughed a lot at the teacher's silly costumes.

We also got a chance to go trick-or-treating! The children had the option of going down a safe and silly hallway to get their candy or to be brave and enter the haunted house! It was scary but fun for everyone.

The children also made trick-or-treat baskets from different materials. Some made them from paper mache and others made them from bowls. It was a great hands on lesson and the children had a lot of fun.

Halloween was a great event for the staff and all the kids. There was a lot of fun and laughter all day long and we are looking forward to doing it again next year!

Written by Jonathan

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Halloween Party - Takatsuki Ibaraki School

On Saturday October 31st we had our first Takatsuki Saturday School Halloween Party. It was great to see so many of the children in their costumes. They certainly looked happy to get the chance to dress up.

みんなが思い思いにドレスアップして登校したHalloween Partyの日。

Mostly it was a fun day of games and activities so the children could relax and enjoy the Halloween atmosphere. Here the Cubs are playing a tossing game, trying to get bean bags into the Jack O'Lantern mouths.
Cubs Classの楽しいパーティの始まりは、シューティングゲームから!

As part of the day we also made sure to learn about what Halloween is and some of the vocabulary that comes with Halloween. Playing a memory game using Halloween vocabulary cards.

The Wolves class also brushed up on their Halloween vocabulary learning words like vampire, ghost, witch and haunted house. Words that we used throughout the day for different games and activities.

The Wolves class playing the very popular game, monster pong! Each child had two cups. They had to take turns throwing eyeballs (ping pong balls painted to look like eyeballs!) into each others' ghost cups. If a ball landed in your cup you lost that cup. The student with the most cups left at the end of the game was the winner. Fun and noisy!

But there was one part of day where the smiles faded...the Haunted House! The children took turns walking down the spooky corridor to the Haunted House to ask the monster inside for a Trick or Treat. There were some tears but most were very brave and it turned out the monster was more than happy to hand out candy and no one got eaten!

“Trick or Treat!”  パーティを楽しんだら、お菓子をもらいに行こう!
Overall it was fun day and the children all had a great time. We look forward to seeing some more spooky characters in our classes next year for what will surely be an even better and scarier Halloween party!

-Julian & Kyoko

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Special Event at Saturday (Senri Yamada School)

This past Saturday we had a really great time with the children and parents at our first event of the year.

The upper level children all played a game of English BINGO! with the help of their parents.
It was great to see the children recognizing the words so quickly and working with their parents to read them together.


We also played an exciting gym game called “line tag”.
The parents had a chance to be the ‘demons’ and chase the children around the gym.
There was a lot of laughing and screaming and I think everyone had a really great time with it.


For the younger children we played a game of ‘hot potato’ where we passed some things around the circle and had to tell each other what the object was. When the music stopped the teacher went to ask the children holding the toy what they had and all the children did an excellent job of shouting the answer out in a big voice.

小さい月齢のクラスでは、「ホット ポテト」というゲームをしました。

We also had a music performance for each level and the children had a chance to sing a few songs for their parents.


The younger children also got to do a little dance for their parents along with their music performance.


Overall it was a really fun day and we were glad to see all of the parents coming out to see their children enjoying their time here with us.
Thank you for all of your support this year and we look forward to seeing you in March!

Written by Jonathan

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Easter Party Saturday Takatsuki-Ibaraki

Saturday School Easter Party at Takatsuki

Our first event Saturday School event for the year was our Easter Party! As is tradition in many countries we started off by coloring our own Easter eggs. We used red, blue and yellow and even mixed some together to come up with our own colorful eggs (pre-boiled of course!). Everyone was very careful to not get any of the dye on the clothes but we got lots on our hands...
サタデースクールが始まって最初のイベントは“Easter Party!!”
Egg dyeからスタートです!

Then of course we had to see what the Easter Bunny had brought us. We heard the Easter Bunny had left some chocolate eggs for us hidden in the gym so we went down and had a ourselves an Easter egg hunt! Some of the eggs were hidden in tricky places but we managed to find 5 eggs each!
次のお楽しみはEgg Hunting!

After finding the eggs it was a nice surprise to find the Easter Bunny was still here. We got to say thank you and had our picture taken with the cuddly bunny and our own hand made Easter baskets. Thank you Easter Bunny!
写真撮影にはEaster Bunnyが登場!
It was a nice start to spring - chocolate, Easter eggs, Easter games and the Easter Bunny. Looking forward to next year already!.


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Saturday School Senri-Yamada School

We had lots of fun last month at Saturday school learning about Winter and Christmas for out themes for the month.
We even had a Christmas party where we had an in-house performance where the students performed the songs and dances they learned throughout the year.
We even played Winter themed games.

The kindergaten classes made "Olaf" the snowman from the Disney movie Frozen using a special fluffy paint and our fingers to decorate it. Santa Claus came to visit us as well.

Our elementary classes made snowglobes using pipe cleaner and empty recycled jars.

We also made a frozen pond ice rink using salt on the wet paint where we watch it crystalize as the paint dried.


Written by Jason, Yukie & Keiko  

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