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Flyers 4 - Senri Yamada School-

Flyers 4 - Wednesdays, Fridays>

In our After School Class, we have a student book and workbook that we use regularly. But we always add various activities to make learning more fun.

One activity we do everyday is reading out loud. We stand up, straighten our backs and read in a group or take turns. Reading aloud is a wonderful tool to help you learn to read smoothly and build fluency skills and confidence.

Flyers 4 - Senri Yamada School-

We also play many games such as card games, guessing games and matching games. Games are an enjoyable way to enhance the children’s motivation.

Flyers 4 - Senri Yamada School-

Children also use their journals to be creative. It helps them express what they want to say through writing and drawing.

Flyers 4 - Senri Yamada School-

Our main goal is to learn English and to become better speakers, readers and writers, which is achieved through various interesting approaches in our After School class!


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