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Purple Class -Senri Yamada School-

In Purple Class, one repetitive task we focus on every time is reading out loud. Whether they are stories, mini plays or questions in our workbooks, we always read them out loud together or individually.
Purple Class -Senri Yamada School-
But depending on the topic of each lesson day, we always include a related activity. This is to keep the children more interested as well as to help them understand and digest the topic better. Below are some examples:

On Tanabata, we made 'Tanzaku Wish Cards' to hang on the bamboo tree.
Purple Class -Senri Yamada School-

When we were learning a chapter on Math, we played a game of placing shapes in a correct sequence.
Purple Class -Senri Yamada School-

When it comes to remembering vocabulary, we review what we already know by taking turns to name words that match.
Purple Class -Senri Yamada School-
We try to absorb English through as many methods as possible!

Written by Elaine

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