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Purple class -Senrioka School-

Purple class -Senrioka School-
This month in Purple Class (Movers) we are making maps! Everyone planned out and brainstormed with a partner about what they wanted to do. Everyone had different types of maps, some were of their rooms, some were of places they know, some were things they made up. The goal of the maps is so they can write directions and find something on the maps.
Purple class -Senrioka School-
Purple class -Senrioka School-
All of the maps are turning out really well. Everyone had a lot of fun thinking about what kind of map they wanted to make and what they wanted to find in it. Some students wanted us to find keys, places, and we had one student who wanted to find where their Nintendo Switch was in their room. Everyone was really creative, and everyone really enjoyed it. Great job, Purple Class!

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