Summer School 2019 August 17th

We have come to our final day of Summer School and we were all really excited to have one last fun day together. It was great to see how accustomed the children had become to the school, and some once timid faces were all now bright and smiling from the moment they walked into the door, ready for another exciting time.


Both our older and younger children worked on finishing off their fireworks crafts. Yesterday we filled our papers with many different colors using oil crayons, and then we took some black paint and covered the whole paper. Today the children used toothpicks and split pins to scrape off some of the black paint to reveal the colors underneath and make an amazing fireworks display! (Photo 1)


Summer School 2019 August 17th

Our younger classes started off the day talking about food and numbers. We played a food mixing game where the children picked out two different foods and we tried to think about what they would taste like mixed together and we had to decide if it would still be yummy or not. For numbers we sang the song, “7 steps” ad took some numbers out occasionally and the children had to clap for the missing number. We also practice throwing bean bags into hoops to count how many landed inside, and how many landed outside the hoop.

小さい子ども達のクラスでは、食べ物と数字を使ったアクティビティーをしました。子ども達が2つの違った食べ物をピックアップし、それを一緒に食べると美味しいか美味しくないかを考えるゲームです。数字を使ったアクティビティーでは ”7 steps" という歌で楽しみました。その歌のなかではいくつかの数字がなくなるため、その欠けた数字の部分で手を叩いてリズムをとらなければなりません。さらにお手玉をフープの中をめがけて投げ、それぞれフープの内側と外側に着地した数を一緒に数え、競い合いました。

Summer School 2019 August 17th

Our older classes began by talking about families. The first game was about matching up colors and vocabulary for members of our family. The second game we tried to match up some barnyard animals we know with the babies. We played a ball passing game and a memory game with these words and the children really enjoyed them!


Summer School 2019 August 17th

We also had our last day of pool and water play today. The children got to enjoy the pool if they wanted, but we also had some fun water based games for them to play. One involved passing water balloons to our friends and trying to make sure they didn’t pop. As the game went on the children moved further and further away from each other, so they had to throw the balloon a long way!


Summer School 2019 August 17th

At the end of the day our older children played an exciting game with castles, dragons, and catapults. They combined many elements they learned through the week, such as using the kapla blocks to build a tower, making a paper flying dragon, and also firing away with the catapults they built. They really enjoyed it!


Summer School 2019 August 17th

It was a great ending to a great week! We are sad to say goodbye to all of our new friends, but we are really glad you could be with us this week. Thank you all for coming to Global Village Summer School 2019, and we look forward to seeing you back here next year!

今日はこの一週間の締めくくりとして大変素晴らしい一日となりました。サマースクールに参加してくれたみなさんにさよならを言うのは寂しい限りです。私たちと共に特別な夏の日々を過ごし、たくさんの思い出を共有してくれたことに感謝し、大変嬉しく思います。Global Village Summer School 2019 にご参加いただき、本当にありがとうございました。来年もまた会えることを心待ちにしています!

Written by Owen and Jonathan

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