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Flyers 4 -Senri Yamada School-

In our class, we always try to build up and expand our activities. This helps children to know the content better and also understand that all activities are interrelated. Most of all it gives everyone a chance to speak, read and think in English as much as possible.

During computer time, we always say the new vocabulary out loud together before we work on the practices. We chant each word five times.
Flyers 4 -Senri Yamada School-

Even when we color, we say expressions like “Let’s color blue first”, “What shapes do you see?” or “I can see a guitar!”.
Flyers 4 -Senri Yamada School-

When we work on our textbooks, we build up the activity to learn more. When we see a map, we would play a country guessing game, talk about the capital city of that country, match the correct flags and even try to say a word in their different languages.
Flyers 4 -Senri Yamada School-

Whenever we write anything in our journals, we make sure to read it out loud. Reading out loud is what we do in every lesson and we do so standing up, with our backs straight. All children are good at reading and confident to read in front of their friends!
Flyers 4 -Senri Yamada School-


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