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Flyers 2 -Takatsuki Ibaraki School-

Flyers 2 -Takatsuki Ibaraki School-
We’ve been really over the past couple of months getting ready for the YLE tests and whilst they are now over we are already looking at ways to build on our success.

Flyers 2 -Takatsuki Ibaraki School-
This month we have been looking at inventions and how they make our lives better, we started with simple machines, like stairs and forks, and are building up to look at more complex ones soon. Our current topic allows us to do some experimenting, so we’ve been building ramps to see how the height of the slope affects how fast things move down them and also building levers to move things easily. It’s been a lot of fun and interesting to learn.

Flyers 2 -Takatsuki Ibaraki School-
Our next topic will be all about plants and now that the weather should hopefully soon start to warm up we’ll be able to take our learning outside.
Great job Flyers 2!


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