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Movers 2 class - Senrioka School-

During our Movers 2 class we are learning about the different seasons and how nature changes over the course of the year. After reading a story about a boy named Arnold, who cares for his apple tree all year long, the children made their own craft of a tree during their favorite season.
Movers 2 class - Senrioka School-

The children used tissue paper, ink stamps and paper stencils to create their image of their tree during their favorite season. Some children chose to make a tree during fall and used lots of red and orange colors, while others made a summer or spring tree with lots of green to reflect the leaves of that season.
Movers 2 class - Senrioka School-
Movers 2 class - Senrioka School-

We all agreed that each season has its great points and that everyones craft was very well done. Great Job Movers 2!

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