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Movers 2 - Senri Yamada School-

The Movers recently studied about animals and their habits in two units from their textbooks.
At the of these units, each child made an animal booklet to write about some of the things they learned or already knew about an animal and used some of the new grammar techniques they have been working on.
Movers 2 - Senri Yamada School-

The Movers worked together with their partners to come up with interesting things to write about in their booklet. They also checked each other's work for mistakes.
Movers 2 - Senri Yamada School-

The Movers seemed proud of what they accomplished with this project. They also enjoyed reading and showing their animal booklets to their classmates.

All of the booklets were fantastic! At the end of the presentations, the Movers voted anonymously for the booklet they liked the most.
Movers 2 - Senri Yamada School-

Written by Dorian

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