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Flyers 2 - Senri Yamada School-

Flyers 2 - Senri Yamada School-
This month we have been getting to know our new classmates and talking about school. We did an interview game. First, the children had to come up with simple questions to ask their friends. We wrote them in the journals and drew a table to put the answers into.
Flyers 2 - Senri Yamada School-
Next we walked around the class interviewing all of our classmates and writing their answers into our journals. Everyone wanted to be the first to finish!
Flyers 2 - Senri Yamada School-
The next class we reviewed the school words we had learned. First we played a keyword game. The children had to think of words related to a subject (for example, for "maths", you could say "numbers") and the others had to guess what the subject was.
Flyers 2 - Senri Yamada School-
Finally we listened to a song. Some of the children were a little too shy to sing the song, so instead we had to clap our hands whenever we heard a word related to school, and jump whenever we heard a time word (like afternoon or Friday). This kind of activity is good practice for anticipating what kind of words are coming up in a sentence, which is a necessary skill in conversation. The children had a lot of fun with this one.


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