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Friday Movers-Senri Yamada School-

Learning and Having Fun

Friday Movers-Senri Yamada School-
We have been using the Kids Box 3 textbook. Everyone is really enjoying learning about the different characters. They remember all their names and love to hear about all the interesting things they do. They especially love the Lock and Key comics at the end of every unit.

Friday Movers-Senri Yamada School-
During class we play a team competition. The class is divided into two teams, usually boys vs girls. They get points for answering questions and participating in class. They really enjoy the challenge and work very well together in their teams.

Friday Movers-Senri Yamada School-
Sometimes we play games using cards or dice. Everyone really likes those. They use a lot of English while playing but they don't even notice because they're having so much fun.

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