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Movers - Takatsuki Ibaraki School-

Movers class has been working hard on improving their spelling. We have played a variety of games on a variety of different mediums.

Spelling City on the computers has been one of their favourite spelling activities. We have also been using collaboration activities to help support our fluency skills. These games have allowed Movers to rationalize their decisions and communicate their reasonings.

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Flyers 2 -Senri Yamada School-

To finish off our unit on disasters, we did a special lesson about the surface of Earth and how it causes earthquakes and volcanoes. We looked for places on the globe where we know that they happen and thought about why they happen there.

The children from Flyers 1 class, who were studying the same topic, joined us for an experiment where we made a mock volcanic eruption using vinegar, baking soda and food coloring. We learned the words for the different parts of a volcano, such as magma, crater and lava.

Finally, in our computer time, we looked for maps of where earthquakes happen around the world, and used that information to find out where the lines between the plates are.


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Movers 2 class - Senrioka School-

During our Movers 2 class we are learning about the different seasons and how nature changes over the course of the year. After reading a story about a boy named Arnold, who cares for his apple tree all year long, the children made their own craft of a tree during their favorite season.

The children used tissue paper, ink stamps and paper stencils to create their image of their tree during their favorite season. Some children chose to make a tree during fall and used lots of red and orange colors, while others made a summer or spring tree with lots of green to reflect the leaves of that season.

We all agreed that each season has its great points and that everyones craft was very well done. Great Job Movers 2!


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Movers 2 - Senri Yamada School-

The Movers recently studied about animals and their habits in two units from their textbooks.
At the of these units, each child made an animal booklet to write about some of the things they learned or already knew about an animal and used some of the new grammar techniques they have been working on.

The Movers worked together with their partners to come up with interesting things to write about in their booklet. They also checked each other's work for mistakes.

The Movers seemed proud of what they accomplished with this project. They also enjoyed reading and showing their animal booklets to their classmates.

All of the booklets were fantastic! At the end of the presentations, the Movers voted anonymously for the booklet they liked the most.

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Flyers 4 - Senri Yamada School-

Flyers 4 - Wednesdays, Fridays>

In our After School Class, we have a student book and workbook that we use regularly. But we always add various activities to make learning more fun.

One activity we do everyday is reading out loud. We stand up, straighten our backs and read in a group or take turns. Reading aloud is a wonderful tool to help you learn to read smoothly and build fluency skills and confidence.

We also play many games such as card games, guessing games and matching games. Games are an enjoyable way to enhance the children’s motivation.

Children also use their journals to be creative. It helps them express what they want to say through writing and drawing.

Our main goal is to learn English and to become better speakers, readers and writers, which is achieved through various interesting approaches in our After School class!


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