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Movers -Takatsuki Ibaraki School-

The children have got into a simple routine of checking their homework and learning from their mistakes.

This month we are looking at animals. In circle time the children had fun describing what animal their friend was using their English skills.

The children are continuing to learn through creative writing and putting these ideas down into their journals.


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Flyers 2 - Senri Yamada School-

This month we have been getting to know our new classmates and talking about school. We did an interview game. First, the children had to come up with simple questions to ask their friends. We wrote them in the journals and drew a table to put the answers into.

Next we walked around the class interviewing all of our classmates and writing their answers into our journals. Everyone wanted to be the first to finish!

The next class we reviewed the school words we had learned. First we played a keyword game. The children had to think of words related to a subject (for example, for "maths", you could say "numbers") and the others had to guess what the subject was.

Finally we listened to a song. Some of the children were a little too shy to sing the song, so instead we had to clap our hands whenever we heard a word related to school, and jump whenever we heard a time word (like afternoon or Friday). This kind of activity is good practice for anticipating what kind of words are coming up in a sentence, which is a necessary skill in conversation. The children had a lot of fun with this one.



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Movers -Senrioka School-

This April we started off by talking about family and friends and what defines a family. They gave details of who our family members are and what makes a best friend. We had a discussion and children took turn introduced each of their family members. They worked together to brainstorm and talk about what to write about their families.

They drew details of their family members and labeled them with different names. It was a fun exercise where children took time and constructed their own ideas and they all did a great job!

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Movers - Senrioka School

During our Movers class we are learning about “Where we live”, so we did a project about our homes and neighborhood. Each student thought about the different places in their neighborhood, such as schools, parks, supermarkets, relative’s homes, doctor’s offices and even parking lots. After doing some thinking they began making a rough draft of their neighborhood starting with the roads and then filing in the different location names. After completing their draft they used colored pencils and craft paper to make their neighborhoods really pop.

The end result was very good. Each student presented their neighborhood to their classmates and we all learned a little bit more about where we all live. Some people live in apartments and others live in homes, but all the students each agreed that their own home was their favorite place of all. Great Job Movers!  

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Flyers2 -Senrioka Shool

Hello everyone! It's been a great time for Wednesday and Friday's Oxford Discover 3 class! In the last few units the students have studied musical instruments from around the world. They've also learned about inventions and created some of their own with their ideas and imagination. We are ending the years with units about plants and growing things. The students have learned lots of new grammar including non countable nouns and measure words. They've continued to do well with their unit review tests and enjoy doing computer work. It's been a great year and we thank you for your support!


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