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Afterschool -Senri Yamada-

This month we did something very fun. Everyone worked very hard on their lessons so we were able to take some time to write a letter to Santa and tell him what we want for Christmas.

Everyone wrote a nice message to Santa telling him what they want.

They also drew pictures and used other things to decorate the letter and make it into a Christmas Card.

Their letters were beautiful and they were very proud of themselves. It was a very fun activity for everyone to do.

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Flyers1 -Senrioka-

In our After School class we like to mix a bit of silliness into learning grammar. One activity we like is Madlibs.

First, we get a story with words missing. Without showing the other person the story we have to ask for the missing words, using the grammar terms to ask for a specific type of word. We get to practice what a noun, an adjective, and many other terms are.

Once both partners have filled in all the words we like to read our stories to the class. We love it when the words work perfectly to make a truly funny sentence.

We liked this story we wrote together in class. We had a few sentences that worked out perfectly and a few that made us laugh.


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Flyers3 -Senrioka-

After making cheese in last month`s chapter, our new unit was about the sea. Hands on activities are always important, and interest for the children. We were able to look up facts we needed during computer time for our next project.....

While studying about the sea we learnt about food webs, and food chains. We then looked at food chains from sea animals to land animals. The children chose a food chain that interested them...

They then made posters displaying their food chains, and added facts about the animals which were part of them.


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Flyers 3 -Senri Yamada-

Here is a page we recently worked on with the children. Our topic for the class was saving energy. We had read a story in the previous lesson and the children had to come up with questions about the story for their friends to answer. The questions they thought of were very clear and also challenged each other well.

We are using the computers once a week. Our focus in the computer room is for the children to practice their spelling and word knowledge for one week and then the other to do exercises on the topics we have been learning on Oxford Discover Online. Please continue to use these resources from home to get the full use out of them.

Between the work we play some games to help reinforce the communication and understanding of the topic we are learning. We had just started the topic of Musical Instruments and to begin the students went into teams and had time to come up with as many musical instruments together that they could name in English. We then played a ball passing game between the teams to name a musical instrument. As students began to have difficulty naming instruments they were knocked out of the game until only one team had members left.

Nick E - Flyers 3

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Movers -Senrioka-

During our Movers class we did a play about our favorite soup.
Each student decided what soup they like the best and then wrote a script about the ingredients they need for their soup. After completing their script they practiced in pairs. They made their soups’ ingredients out of paper and used some toy food as well.

The end result was very good. After hearing all their friends’ play about their favorite soups everyone was hungry for soup.
Great Job Movers!

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